To ensure our communities have access to healthcare by establishing mobile medical facilities on a recurring basis at designated locations throughout the district. Utilize existing service provided through the US Dept. of Health and Human Services The focus being for the government to not be a stand-alone solution but to provide base line resources to provide quality healthcare support to those in need. The medical facilities must be mobile to reach out and go to the communities that otherwise would not be able to afford healthcare.


Our schools have become more than a place to learn, and our teachers are not being taken care of. Teachers need to be able to educate our children in a safe environment. Currently teacher salaries need to be brought to a higher scale and have adequate safety and tools in the classrooms.

Border and immigration

The government currently funds Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to provide services to illegal immigrants which creates an unintended cycle of more illegals crossing the border to receive services and further growing the size and the cost to fund the NGOs providing the services. We must break this cycle by cutting funding to those NGO’s who help them such as Southwest Key (SWK) and Vision Quest.

First responders, military and veterans

Our first responders and military must be equipped with today’s cutting-edge technology to help keep our communities safe and secure from all enemies including the deadly drug fentanyl. Pay must be adequate for the tireless jobs they have while putting their lives on the line for us. Our veterans are the core of our communities after serving our country, the VA healthcare system must be reconstructed and integrated into the community healthcare system. The disability compensation pay scale needs to be restructured to ensure proper pay and cost of living.

Support For Small Business

  • Tax breaks for all small businesses for five years in increments up to a maximum of $1mm.
  • Program will require to hire American and legal immigrant families.
  • Program allows help for businesses to expand.

Programs for Low-Income Families. Better employment, housing, and childcare programs for low-income families

  • Better employment, housing, and childcare programs.
  • Enhanced programs available for American and legal immigrant families.
  • Free childcare programs for single parents for kids up to 17 years old.
  • Funding for illegal immigrants should be stopped and redirected to these programs.

Creating Better Lives for Texas' Families